5 Important Things You Must Discuss With Your Mate Before Marriage


Marriage obviously needs preparation. It is not just a matter of material or money. But also preparation can live together by understanding each other’s characters and personalities well. Before marriage, there are a number of important things that you should talk about and discuss with your partner first. Like the following five things.

1. Spirituality

Even if you have the same beliefs, not necessarily your understanding or views will be the same as your partner. For this reason, it is important to be open and honest about your beliefs and how you plan to put them into practice. Talking about this should be even more profound if you and your partner are of different faiths because the potential for conflict is greater.

2. Financial management

Understanding how couples manage money is very important if you want to marry them. How efficient and extravagant of your partner should be known. However in marriage, financial management also plays an important role in harmony of your house hold.

You need to know how their finances are. Do not let you even pay other people’s debts. Of course, if you are a debtor, you should first settle your debts.

3. Sharing Roles Management

If you and your partner are workers, it is important to discuss the matter of sharing roles with your partner. Like how will later organize and complete household chores. It is about how to divide tasks if you already have children, and so on.

The matter of sharing this role needs to be discussed from the beginning so that it can more easily anticipate obstacles or challenges that might arise at a wedding.

4. Where both of you will live

This topic is rarely discussed even though it is one of the factors that make marriage less harmonious. Talk with your partner about where you both will live whether in an apartment, buying a house in the suburbs, or hitching a ride with parents.

You will be possibly surprised by the answers you get. Some people are really attached to the city where they live and never intend to move. This is definitely an important conversation for both of you before marriage.

5. Sex

Just like anything else, a person’s sexual preferences are unique and must be respected. Because it is taboo thing to discuss about, so you should find the right time to talk about it. It’s important to be honest about each other’s sexual preferences.

For example, about the frequency of making love, the proper time to do it, asking your partner opinion about porn films, or so on. Of course, your partner is ashamed of being honest but getting married is a serious commitment. You must be able to talk about these things in order to have a mutually satisfying relationship.

Each couple must have their own priorities and considerations in discussing important topics before marriage. More open communication is necessary before marriage. It is so that later when they have got married it can more easily to the couple to anticipate differences or conflicts that might arise.

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