5 Taboo Things After Marriage In Indonesia


Marriage, for Indonesian People is the united of two soul. Many people say that after marriage, you and your couple will be more open each other. In fact, it’s not always like that! It’s commonly found that many couples who have been married for years are still reluctant to discuss some matters because it is considered as taboo things.

So, it’s important to you to know better about some attitudes that shouldn’t you do to make your lover feel pleasant. For that reason, it’s better for you to know taboo things after marriage in Indonesia in order to avoid the misunderstanding or awkward situation. Here are the things:

1. Telling About Your Ex

After married you should look after your spouse feeling by burying your past love story and don’t tell it to your couple. Especially, don’t you dare to call your ex’s name and tell your story to your couple.

The past have already passed and don’t need to be remembered and told anymore. It’s taboo thing and makes your lover unpleasant.

2. Asking About Money

Mostly, money becomes a trigger for quarrel in spouse’s life, even it can lead badly to divorce. But, actually it’s a taboo thing to enquire to your couple. You should know the condition of the financial by your lover habit, body language, etc.

You don’t need to ask him/her directly about the amount of the money. Financial matters should be discussed wisely based on your right and obligation.

3. Asking Make love Rudely

Bed problems and sexual satisfaction also often become a big problem in housewifery. It usually occurs when there is an imbalance of sex drive and uncovered desires.

To entice your Indonesian lover in having sex, you should be done softly, politely, and by body language or certain teasing code. It’s no need to ask rudely or by force.

4. Tell The Badness Of Your Lover To Someone Else

Every time you have a problem with your Indonesian partner, you should not tell the bad side of your partner to another people even to your parents. Although you’re very close and used to do it.

The disgrace that is told will remain an opinion for others even if you have forgotten it. So, if there is a problem with a partner you should just tell your in-laws to find the right solution.

5. Don’t be Easy to Talk About Separation

Divorce or separation is big disgrace for someone who lives in Indonesia. Someone who gets divorce tend to be considered failed and unhappy one. So, when you are in big problem with your Indonesian spouse, don’t be easy uttering “divorce” or separation matters.

Indonesia has many sacred tradition, and unwritten social rule that should be paid attention. So, if you have lover partner from Indonesia you should know exactly about these taboo things above to maintain your harmonious married.

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