5 Things Must You Known If You Marry An Indonesian


Preparing a wedding with an Indonesian is not an easy matter to do. You should know exactly many things about them before deciding to marry. There are related things about their character, culture, documents requirements, and many others.

So, before you get close and marry, the explanation below might be useful for you who want to prepare marriage with Indonesian people. Here the thing:

1. Characters

An Indonesian have many ethnicity and culture. Of course, with this background Indonesian have many characters. The significant one is they are very friendly, family oriented, and uphold their ancient tradition. Although some of them live in modern city but the root of their family culture is still attached strongly.

They welcome to accept new people and treat them well but they have strong principle based on their own belief. An Indonesian tend to relax, chill and sociable but if they’re serious about one thing, they tend to make it as their priority.

2. Culture

Indonesian have so many culture and local tradition. It has many symbol of life, rule of ethics, good luck calculation, and many more things that should be obeyed. Each local district has their own tradition. So that before you get married with your love partner, you should know about her/his local area.

When you have known about her local district you should learn the tradition there before getting married.

3. Religion

One thing that should you know, people is finding out of their religion. Indonesia is big country with many people in different religion. Each religion has their own rule and requirement that have to be fulfilled. Indonesia Government doesn’t allow and facilitate inter-religion married so you should decide which religion you want to believe.

4. Procedure

You should have so many preparations on documents. Start from preparing marriage book, marriage contract, series of traditional procession, and many more. The complicated preparation to marry an Indonesian is about the documents. There are many documents should you prepare to the KUA (moslem), Church (Christian), Pura (Hindu), or Vihara (Budish). So, you should know exactly about procedure before marrying Indonesian people based on their religion.

5. Life Style

Indonesian have regular life style and following the traditional role about man and woman. The man is responsible for the financial matter, Woman is responsible to take care of home and the children.

Although the current era there are so many role changing about it, but still woman has great responsibility to take care of their children. So, it’s clear that man is as the leader of the family who responsible to the entire stability and Family financial establishment.

Yea! It’s not easy to marry an Indonesian because they live in very colourful culture and ethnics.  So, if you’re falling in love with an Indonesian and decide to marry one of them, make sure you know the matters above.

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