5 Wife’s Duties to Make Husband Happy


Making a husband happy is the duty of a wife. As a good wife, you should be able to make your husband happy from all of sides.  Most of the wives do not know how to make a husband happy. They only know the duties of a wife, without thinking whether the husband is happy or not. Here are 5 wife’s duties to make your husband happy:

1. Always Look Beautiful in front of him

You should maintain yourself to always look beautiful in front of your husband. It will make him refresh after hard time in the office then seeing beautiful wife at home. More over when he finds you welcome him with nice voice and lower tone. It will make him comfortable and happy so that he likes to stay at home.

2. Showing gratefulness

Most of wife feels depressed because his husband is poor or has a few ordinary jobs and careers. It should not happen to you. As a good wife, someone should feel grateful to her husband for his hard work although he just gives you little income.

It will make your husband take great effort to make you happier. Your grateful and appreciation for his job will give him power to strive for your happiness.

3. Loyalty and obedience

As a wife, loyalty and obedience is one of the key of your husband happiness. Listen to his words, give sweet response, and obey his request if it’s good and make sense.

Show your love too by cooking his favourite food. It shows your loyalty and big love to him. If he wants to make love with you it’s your compulsory to undertake it.

4. If your husband is angry, make him feel relieved

Avoid and stay away from some things that can make your husband’s anger on-going. But if in fact the anger is on-going you should be able to tame it. If his anger is because of your mistake, so apologize to him. If he does something wrong, you must keep calm.

Do not criticizing him harshly, arguing, opposing, or even shouting. Wait until his anger subsides, then discuss everything in a peaceful manner. Then if he is furious because of some external aspects, so you should be quiet, until his anger disappears.

5. Patience and emotional support

Life is not always in well condition. If you face infortune thing in your family life you should be strong and be patient. Supporting and strengthening your husband as if no matter happens you’re always be there for him. Make him sure that everything is gonna be okay as long as you and him are united to pass it through.

Feeling happy and comfortable is the key of harmonious family. As a wife, making this feeling true to your husband is very great manner. If you always try to make him happy, of course he will do the same to you. What a beautiful life if you’re bound in relationship that love each other and make happy each other.

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