6 Things You Should know When Marrying Foreigner


Foreigners have particular speciality which can attract Indonesian to fall in love. They are beautiful or handsome with Blue-eyed, white skin, sharp-nosed and tall body shaped. Nobody ignore such nice physical appearance. But get married with them is not only complicated, but also expensive. To be clear, find the explanation below:

1. If you want to get married in Indonesia, before marriage must convert religion first

We know, basically, marriage law in Indonesia does not specifically regulate the marriage couples in different religions. Regarding the legality of a marriage, it should be a marriage that is carried out according to their religion and beliefs as regulated in subsection 2 paragraph (1) of the Marriage Law. It Means, the act is submitted to the regulation of each religion.  

2. After finishing converting religion, your foreigner partner need VISA

For the management of Indonesian VISA, you have to arrange and find a way to manage your foreigner lover VISA ON ARRIVAL for certain countries. You can open the website and get information about the bureaucratic matters. After VISA is obtained, you have to get a residence permit and the extension. Don’t forget to join in the community of mixed marriages so that you can get more information.

3. Bureaucratic marriage certificates Should be Prepared well before getting married

Initially, first, you have to go to the Embassy of the origin country of your foreigner lover in Indonesia. It is the same condition of registration at KUA and the Kepala Kelurahan. Don’t forget to prepare fee for Bureaucratic process

4. After the bureaucracy of the marriage certificate is arranged, next the marriage

The mixed marriage needs a lot of the budget. For example an event in Indonesia, your foreigner couple’s family must be brought here and it need a lot of cost. Moreover, if you need to hold reception, it will need more budget. Beside thatyou should be able to join two kinds of families from different countries. It’s not easy. 

5. After the party is over, you need marriage documents

After marriage, you have to arrange of the marriage legalization to the embassy about your husband or wife as foreigner. You need to legalize marriage books at KUA first. Then you also need to extend VISA or convert it to KITAS.  These process series are not easy. It needs your patience, energy and a lot of money.

6. When you have children, you should prepare the legal document for them.

If you have children from mixed marriages, you must get ready to manage the document, including making a double passport, Indonesia and foreign passports. Your foreign national partner must also extend the letter, KITAS (limited stay permit card), must be extended at a normal cost of Rp. 775 thousand per year.

Then, up to two times the extension, you can take KITAP (permanent residence permit) which is five years. The cost of KITAP is around Rp. 3 million.

The Bureaucratic document for mix marriage is not easy and need much money. But true love is not about money. It’s about happiness and togetherness. It’s hard but don’t give up for struggling for your love. Have a happy marriage!

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