7 Tips to Overcome Conflict in the Beginning of Marriage


Getting married is fun because you can live with the beloved one for a lifetime. However, getting married is not like romantic movie. There are many conflicts that you will experience during marriage, especially in the beginning period of marriage.

Indeed there were times when you felt the honeymoon phase after marriage. But there are some common problems that have always been the topic of debate for newlyweds. It might be from the role in the household, financial problems, sex, children, to in-laws. But don’t worry, here are 7 ways to overcome them.

1. Accepting conflict

The first thing that brides must realize is the honeymoon period will soon pass. Marriage is not only about happiness because conflict will also come to whack. Do not let your mentality is not ready to accept reality, so that you are defeated by the conflict.

2. Relax

Don’t panic too much if you and your partner are having a hard time. Arguing is a spice in a relationship, disagreements are a common matter. For this condition you should relax and clear your mind. Calm down and try to relax when facing the problem

3. Accepting the Difference

After marriage, the nature and attitude of you and your partner will begin to emerge. Differences will often occur so that you should increase tolerance. With that, you and your partner will go through those difficult times.

4. Trust Building

Trust is far more important than intimacy. Remember, your husband is your spouse and life partner. Imagine! You must be haunted by feeling distrust to your husband. Your life will not be peaceful.

5. Preparing Yourself to Lose Passion

Passion in marriage will never be the same as when you were dating. There are times when the passion will decrease or disappear altogether. But don’t panic about it. Never be ashamed to be open with your partner about this so that misunderstandings don’t arise.

6. Establishing  good relations with Big Families

One thing that you should remember in a marriage, not only you and your husband are involved but also the extended family of both parties. Do not let the bonds of marriage actually make the relationship between you and your husband to the extended family loosen up. Stay in good communication, because they will be the people who will support you in difficult times.

7. Finishing Everything together

You and your partner should have an agreement to solve problems before going to sleep. This method is quite effective in solving problems. Of course, to solve these obstacles, you must learn to be open, apologize, and most importantly forgive, and forget.

In this period of marriage, you are still both ‘young age’ in married life. Of course, there will be more conflicts in the future. At least, at the beginning of this year, you learned a lot and did not want to stop learning. Married is a life lesson. There are difficulties, there are easy times, and the most important thing is never to give up improving yourself to be the better person.

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