Choosing a Mate in Islam, This is The Rule!


Choosing someone to be a companion in accordance with your individual criteria is indeed not easy. Many things are considered to determine the right person to accompany throughout your life.  Islam has governed all aspects of life including matchmaking. There are some criteria when you want to find a life companion. The following is a full review of them:

1. Choosing good character and  Religious Mate

The “good character and religious” here mean someone who is obedient to Allah and his Messenger. Religion should be the main criteria when you determine a life partner.

People who have good religion certainly have a high level of devotion. They will follow the God’s rule very well. This attitude will bring goodness, peaceful and harmonious condition in the family.

2. Choosing the Good Looking One

It is undeniable if physical factors also become one of the criteria when choosing a partner. This was also allowed by Prophet Muhammad SAW because it was one of the supporting factors of family life. This is in line with the purpose of marriage, which is to create peace in the heart.

In ta’aruf (introduction phase), Islam also stipulates that the couple may see each other when they want to propose so that both you and your mate can consider physical appearance of your potential mate.

3. Choosing  Good Ancestor or Genealogy

A woman and woman are also encouraged to propose or accept proposals by first knowing about their ancestors (genealogy). I is so because the family plays a major role in influencing one’s knowledge, morals and faith. If the family is good, then their children can be sure that they are also good people.

4. Equivalency Worth of Wealth

The Prophet also suggested choosing an equal marriage partner in religion and social status. No doubt many marriages are not lasting because of this difference.

One of the lessons learned from this recommendation is that equality in religion and social position can be a factor in the permanence of the undertaking a household. It is also avoiding prejudice that you tend to utilize the wealth of your mate.

5. Merciful and virtuous

A merciful mate has a loving nature that is accompanied by the kindness that she/he has, which makes you desire to marry her/him. In addition, a mate who wants to be a prospective couple is a virtuous good people.

This means that person can always control both actions and speech, so that later this attitude will create peaceful and harmonious life in the household.

The Purpose of Marriage in Islam has been seen as a lawful and sacred way to channel the lusts of men and women. It is so that both partners have been able to maintain self-respect and purity and are able to carry out Islamic Sharia. It is very important before you decide to get married, you should choose a proper life companion  based on Islam perspective  to get goodness, happiness, and peacefulness for a lifetime.

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