Complete Ways To Get Partner Visa In Indonesia


If your partner is a foreigner then both of you decide to settle in Indonesia you should prepare some document series to make it true. It will be much easier if your spouse has a company sponsor because the visa and residence permit matters have been taken care of by the company.

However, if your foreign national partners do not work in Indonesia, then you can make a “limited family stay permit” with you as the sponsor as Indonesian citizen. If you meet the requirements, a limited stay permit can be upgraded to a permanent residence permit. Here are the complete ways to get it:

1. Arranging VITAS before Getting KITAS

Before your partner getting  KITAS, there are still some steps to make it. The following is the sequence of management steps from before KITAS was finished, until after KITAS was handled:

  • Apply for VITAS 317 (Family Unification Limited Stay Permit Visa) online
  • Taking VITAS at the Indonesian Embassy in the country we choose
  • Arranging the transfer of VITAS status to KITAS (Limited Stay Permit Card) at Immigration
  • Managing MERP (Multiple Exit Re-Entry Permits) at Immigration
  • Arrange SKSKPS (Certificate of Family Structure of Temporary Residents) in DISPENDUKCAPIL
  • Managing STM (Reporting Letter) at the Police Station
  • Managing SKLD (Certificate of Self-Report) at the National Police Headquarters
  • Managing SKTT (Certificate of Residence) in the Village

2. Transfer VITAS status to KITAS (Limited Stay Permit Card)

Because VITAS is only a single entry, then after your foreign national partner arrives in Indonesia, VITAS is immediately converted into a KITAS at the immigration office according to the sponsor’s residence. Documents needed to transfer Vitas to KITAS:

  • Application letter to change VITAS to KITAS for spouse of Indonesian citizen with a stamp duty of Rp. 6000
  • Indonesian citizen husband / wife ID card
  • WNI husband / wife family card
  • Marriage book / marriage certificate
  • CNI (Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage) from the couple’s embassy
  • Citizen’s husband / wife savings book
  • Passport for husband / wife foreigners
  • Telex VITAS
  • Photograph with red background, size 2 × 3 (2 sheets) and 3 × 4 (2 sheets)
  • Buy KITAS form folders at public counters
  • KITAS Costs IDR 1,000,000
  • Data record costs Rp. 55,000

3. Step Changing KITAS into KITAP

Your partner, as a foreigner is permitted to get a temporary residence permit (KITAS) that is valid for one year. After one extension, in other words after two consecutive years of living in Indonesia with KITAS, this temporary permit can be changed to become permanent, known as KITAP.

For KITAP sponsored by a partner, your spouse needs to prepare the following documents:    

  • Passport and colour photocopies for all passport pages. The passport must have a validity period of at least two years
  • Last KITAS and colour photocopy
  • Sponsorship letter from partner
  • Request letter to convert KITAS to KITAP
  • Marriage book
  • Partner ID
  • Spouse’s NPWP
  • Partner current account with a minimum balance Rp. 10.000.000
  • Detailed address in Indonesia
  • Photo in Passport size

The documents series above need much preparation and much steps so that you should be patient to get it. May this explanation is helpful, good Luck!

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