The Husband’s Obligations to Make His Wife Happy, You Must Know!


Having a happy and harmonious household is every couple’s dream. To achieve this, certainly the roles of both parties are required: husband and wife. Husband is the head of household who has a big role to make his family secure.

However, a husband’s obligation to his wife is not just about providing living necessities such as food, clothing or shelter. There are other important obligations relating to manners. Here are will be stated the husband’s obligation to make his wife happy:

1. Living Support

Living support is a mandatory right of a wife from her husband. When married, a man is automatically responsible for the survival of his wife. Therefore, a husband is obliged to provide adequate living to meet the needs of clothing, food, and shelter, including the cost of children.

2. Getting Good with Your Wife

Beside the physical need, a wife also needs an inner living which is manifested in an intimate and full of affection relationship. A husband must treat his wife as well as possible.

A good intimate relationship is no element of violence there. It should be done with love, and there is no element of coercion. There are times when a wife refuses to make love because she is tired. Her husband should understand it.

3. Treat your wife well

Marrying a woman means that you are ready to take over the responsibilities of her parents. Therefore husbands are required to always treat their wives as best as they can.

Although a husband has given all of her need, do not delegate all household matters to the wife, for example washing, cooking, and taking care of children, and so on. Lighten the burden by doing household chores together. Undoubtedly it will make your wife happier and love you more.

4. Respect to her parents

Wife’s parents are your parents too. So you should learn to put respect and devotion to both of them. Treat them like your parents. Although there may be outrageous traits and behaviors of them, don’t ever say or behave rudely to them.

5. Not too concerned about your wife’s mistakes

Everyone can make mistakes even though they may have been careful. If your wife does something wrong, you should be able to advise her well. Not every mistake must be seriously and protracted, because it can worsen your relationship.

A husband should be able to forgive his wife’s mistakes. Make good communication with her so that your wife doesn’t make the same mistakes.

6. Safeguarding a wife’s property

The wife’s asset, including dowry or her work result, is her right. A husband should protect it properly and not claim it as his own. If a husband wants to use part or all of her assets, he must ask permission to her wife. The husband must not use his wife’s property without the consent of the wife.

Saying obligation, someone will think that it’s hard to be done. Actually if you do it sincerely and happily there’s nothing hard thing to do. So that maintaining love is very important. Love and respect is the important matter to make your household peaceful and harmonious.

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