The Marital Problems That Are Often Faced by Mixed Marriage


Every couple must be faced a lot of conflict. Likewise with couples who come from the mix marriage. They should do some adaptation to unite their different culture. Frantisek Cihlar, a marriage counsellor with a different cultural partner said that each couple faces different problems.  Here will be defined the marital problems that are often faced by mix marriage, check this out:

1. Language Problems

The first obstacle that must be faced in inter-national marriages is different languages. Many couples usually overcome this situation in the early stages of the relationship by trying to use a universal language, for example English. But communication will feel more drag when the middle of an argument because people tend to be more comfortable using mother tongue in such conditions.

Language problem can also be difficult during family visits. Especially if none of the family members can communicate in the same language with a partner. If you have this condition, of course, someone must be ready to be translator.

2. Immigration Problems

All couples certainly hope that the procedures that must be passed to make their marriage recognized by both countries run smoothly. But in the majority of cases there are definitely obstacles encountered when dealing with the authorities in this bureaucratic matter.

Ask for other couples who have gone through a similar process and both side must be patient and support each other in undergoing each set of procedures.

3. Different perceptions regarding marriage

Depending on the country of origin and gender, the couple usually have different cultures and different point of view about marriage. So that before getting married you’re both should talk about it clearly.

Even, couples who have likened the vision and mission in fact still often experience differences of opinion in small details relating to their perceptions of marriage. One side usually tends to be more relaxed, while the partner tends to be more conservative.

4. Different Views on Religion

This one problem is also almost the same as the view of marriage that was discussed earlier. Even though beliefs have been equated, it does not mean that the problem of religion has been resolved. Of course there are still statements about worship habits, rituals, or values that are used in addressing a problem.

5. Exclusive community

An expatriate who is married to a local citizen also usually remains more comfortable hanging out with people from his own country. This exclusive community can make it difficult to mingle with partner culture.

6. Hope in a different life

Cultural differences in marriage can lead to different expectations about life in general. This problem can become even more serious for couples from different races and continents. Because the values received since childhood are even more likely the difference.

7. Relationships with family and friends

Sometimes the relationship with a partner’s family runs quite smoothly, sometimes it can also feel suffocating. Sometimes family members tend to interfere in spouse marriages. For some couples this is still understandable. While others may consider this behaviour tend to violate the privacy of a partner.

The problems above can be overcome if both of you are having each other. The key is to keep good communication and an open mind. Empathy, trust, and flexibility are also important to keep the above problems from disturbing the marriage balance.

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