Ways to Get Excerpt of Birth Certificate from Mixed Marriages


Do you know about mixed marriages? Mixed marriages occur when you marry a foreign citizen. So mixed marriages are not interfaith marriages but different nationalities. Indonesia doesn’t recognize interfaith marriages.

If you marry a foreign citizen, there will be many things to prepare, especially if you have children. Every child with dual nationality can have an Indonesian birth certificate. Children with dual citizenship can have an Indonesian version of the birth certificate.

Ways to Get Excerpt of Birth Certificate

The procedure that should you do to get excerpt of birth certificate are as follows:

  1. Renew the family card by entering your child’s name.
  2. Prepare NİK (Nomor Induk Kependudukan) or a kind of residential parent number to the village office. One of the requirements for getting NİK is a proof of birth registration of Indonesian citizens issued by KBRİ or KJRİ where we live abroad.
  3. Making a child birth certificate at the civil registry office.

To get Excerpt of birth certificate at civil registry office, you should prepare some documents. The Requirements to make a child’s birth certificate will be explained below:

  1. Photocopy of your passport, your couple and children
  2. Photocopy of marriage book which has been legalized in KUA (or based on your religion)
  3. Photocopy of KK (Kartu Keluarga) or Family Card
  4. WNİ birth certificate from KBİRİ / KJRİ , you may prepare as a substitute for conditions: letter from the hospital, etc. Due to birth abroad, everything has been processed and reported to the embassy to record and the issuance of this birth registration document.
  5. photocopy of marriage witnesses ID card
  6. copy of your ID card (E-ktp)

The submission process when the children are in İndonesia, for other completeness requirements please ask the civil registry office in the residence area.

There is no translation request for foreign language into Indonesian-in this case if requested for a certificate of birth from the hospital because all this is represented by a certificate from KBRİ.

For your pleasure information, Excerpt of birth certificate official fee is Rp. 10.000. Determination of the cost is the authority of PEMDA or the local government (Based on regulation of Mendagri No.28 th 2005, UU no 23 th 2000: concerning guidelines for administering population registration and civil registration in the regions – and about regional taxes and levies) if the price varies or maybe FREE, it is depend on the policy of each local government.

You should prepare all the children’s documents in Indonesia. Even though the children do not plan yet to stay in Indonesia, you will still report their birth and take care of all the necessary documents. To be safe, bring all the original files of parents and children, and don’t forget to copy all of them then leave them.

In the future, it can be used when you have plans for your children’s schools in Indonesia.  All documents are important thing to be on the qui vive. You can’t guess the future conditions and how the country regulation in the next period.

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